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So, I found this awesome show on Netflix and I’ve been watching it for a little while.  It’s called “Survivors” and it’s some British series.  No, it isn’t a spin off of the American “Survivor”.  It’s nothing like that show.  It’s a fictional show that follows the lives of a group of people after a super flu kills over 90 % of Earth’s population.  As most of you already know, I love zombie movies/shows.  This isn’t a zombie show but I also really like “end of the world” type scenarios.  Don’t ask me why.  I really don’t have a clue.  Maybe I’m just twisted, but I could watch them all day long.  Speaking of, I’m dying for “The Walking Dead” to come back on in October.  *heehee* dying.  😛

Anyways, so I’m watching this “Survivors” show which is only 6 episodes per season.  I’m not sure if that’s a British thing or a tv network thing, but far too few imo.  On Netflix streaming there are only 2 seasons.  Before I started watching the show, I thought it might be a miniseries with it only being 6 episodes a season.  Otherwise I thought it was an ongoing show or at least had wrapped up the story before stopping production.  Come to find out the show had been cancelled and the last season ends with a cliffhanger.  Ugh!

While only having 12 episodes, I became more attached to the characters of that show then just about any other drama I’ve ever watched.  I sat through all 6 seasons of “Lost” and pretty much could have cared less what happened to any of them.  So, I find this awesome show and it only has 2 seasons with 6 episodes each and then it’s cancelled.  I don’t know why this wouldn’t have had a bigger following to have stayed on the air.  It was so good!

Oh well, it was a great show and I’ll probably watch the whole thing through again.  Even with the cliffhanger it’s worth watching, and many of the loose ends do get tied toward the end.  If you’re into end of the world type story lines, I highly recommend it.  It’s much better then “Jeremiah” imh, another end of the world type show I found on Netflix.