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Zombies in my Toilet!

I think I may be watching too many zombie movies.  I’ve kinda been running a marathon of zombie flicks for the past week or so and it’s starting to mess with my head.  I’ve been hearing bumps in the night, seeing shadowy figures outside my window, and hearing strange moaning in the distance.  It’s been really hard to sleep .  A shotgun under your pillow is less comfortable than you might think.  It’s gotten so bad, this morning I even thought I saw a zombie in my toilet!

This can’t be healthy.  I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’ve gone crazy.  They haven’t said anything but they were giving me dirty looks when I came out to check the razor wire around my perimeter.  One lousy cat gets tangled up in it and all of a sudden I’m the bad guy.  Well, we’ll see who’s knocking on who’s door when their supply of ammo runs low.

Oh, and if my mailman is reading this, I’m really sorry about the other day.  It’s just that with that limp in your walk and the ketchup on your cheek, I couldn’t help but freak out.  I guess I should have stopped chasing you when you were screaming away, but it was hard to hear you over the chainsaw.  I hope you got the fruit basket I sent you.  I would have hand delivered it if it weren’t for that pesky restraining order.  BTW, I have a couple letters to send when you’re feeling better.

Anyways, I guess I should take a break from my zombie obsession.  At least that’s what my court appointed therapist thinks.

Oh wait.  The Walking Dead is on tonight.  Never mind.

Ahhh! Toilet Zombie

Zombie Adventure

OMG!  This looks so FN awesome!  I’d probably be so scared I’d wet myself, but it would be totally worth it.

The Avengers

Is it wrong that I got wet watching this?  *blushes*

Laptop Shopping!

I’d considered getting a laptop for years but never thought I really needed one.  I mean, most of what I do on my computer for my site is edit pics and videos.  I have tons of stuff already shot so I need a lot of storage space.  My desktop storage is maxed out and I’ve got 6 external hardrives to prove it.  So getting a laptop just didn’t seem like a smart choice.  I’d been thinking though, laptops are more powerful and much cheaper then they were when I first wanted one.  I still think a desktop will work best for storing and editing updates, but a laptop could make a good backup computer (which I’ve needed more then I’d like to admit).  Also, I may be able to spend a bit more time blogging and posting on the forum if I can do it from anywhere.  So I’m in the market to get one.

I’ve kinda thought about getting a MacBook Air just for the sexy factor, but I’m a little worried that all the programs I use don’t have Mac support.  Also I’m not a big fan of the internal batteries that I can’t replace on my own.  A dvd drive is a must for me too.  If I were getting a laptop just for fun then maybe, but if I were doing that I’d probably just get an iPad.  So I’m really looking into PC’s now.

I’m leaning towards an HP or a Gateway.  They both seem to have everything I’m looking for and I can even get them in some sexy color instead of just black.  I’m really excited to have one but I don’t want to rush in and wish I’d gotten something else.  Decisions decisions.