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Spermies Review

If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a mouth full of Spermies. 😉 Well, after opening wide for a few of those tasty swimmers I have to say they’re pretty sweet. Not as salty as I had first expected, they actually tasted a bit like pineapple. While they’re really just sperm shaped gummy worms coated in sugar, sharing them with friends is loads of fun!

If made into a game they could add some real spunk to a party. Pair up a guy and a girl with the guy tossing his spermies and the girl trying desperately to catch them. She’d get one point for catching them in her cleavage and two for on her tongue. Of course your team would lose points if any of them got stuck in her hair. 😛

Most of the time I like to leave the spermies in my box, but sometimes I get a craving to pull out that package and load my mouth full of them. Occasionally my mouth gets so full of spermies that some will fall out all wet and roll down my chin. They usually slip down into my chest and I have to scoop them out and put them back where they belong. Those pesky spermies can end up in the darndest places.

Whether enjoying your spermies alone or with a friend you’re sure to have a jizzerific time. And as it says on the box, I do love to swallow them. 😉

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