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Fun With Paint II

Catch a quick peek of me making a mess of myself in “Fun with Paint II” in this little preview clip.



Pattycake’s Toy Box: Icicles No. 32

sexypattycake_1302070003If you haven’t noticed, I kinda have a thing for sex toys.  With or without a friend, they can be a lot of fun.  Personally I’m a big fan of glass toys.  Firstly because of how they look.  They’re beautiful.  I think of them as little works of art I can put inside myself (feels a whole lot better than trying to smuggle a Van Gogh).  Besides their appearance, glass toys have the great ability to retain heat and cold.  This makes them perfect for temperature play.  I can place them in the fridge or a bowl of hot water for a bit and really amp up playtime.  I haven’t tried cold yet, but hot has been an amazingly different level of fun.  Additionally, glass is one of the safest and most non-toxic sex toy materials available and is one of the easiest to clean.  I can’t say enough about the benefits of glass.

You’ve seen me use a handful of glass toys before (not all at once of course), but now I’d like you to meet the newest “member” of my collection.  This is the Icicles No. 32 glass heart by Pipedream.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day!  In addition to all the usual perks of glass toys, I really like the shape of this one.  The big heart on the end makes it easier to hold onto especially when things start to get a little wet and messy (a sure sign you’re doing it right).  The graduated bulbs feel great although I can’t enjoy them all.  They get a little too big for me toward the end (maybe with a little more practice).  The thing I like most about this toy’s shape is it’s slight curvature, allowing it to really hit “the spot”.

Over all I’d have to give this toy 4 out of 5 stars (or “really like it”).  It can be a bit big for me at times and being glass, it doesn’t have any give.  It’s definitely a keeper though, and one I’ll go back to again and again.

Keep an eye out for this toy’s debut in “Queen of Hearts” coming soon to the member’s section.  If you’re not a member yet, you can join here.



Big box of love.


Ribbed for my pleasure.


Check out my heart-on.


Eat your heart out.

Oh the places you'll go.

Oh the places you’ll go.

Hello.  Pattycake's House of Pleasure.  How may I please you?

Hello. Pattycake’s House of Pleasure. How may I please you?

You want me to put your what in my what?!?!

You want me to put your what in my what?!?!

You so cray cray!

You so cray cray!